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SolarLeadFactory Careers

Channel Account Manager

Remote / Full Time / Mid-Level

Territory Manager

Remote / Full Time / Mid-Level

REVteam Careers

Content Manager

Remote / Full Time / Mid-Level

What is REVteam's hiring process like?

Step 1

Apply on Site

Step 5

Culture Fit Interview

Step 2


Step 6

Workshop with
Executive Team

Step 3

Experience Interview

Step 7

Reference Checks

Step 4

Aptitude Testing

Step 8

We accomplish
BIG goals


Why work with REVjobs?

5,000+ Sales Professionals Hired

How's your bullshit detector? Sales Professionals are notoriously difficult to hire even more now since The Great Resignation.

30+ Years of Experience

In 45 minutes or less, we can determine if a candidate is a good fit to move forward.

Unique hiring process

50% of jobs posted online are open for more than 90 days. We provide qualified candidates faster.

Aptitude Testing

Specific personality traits are predictive of job performance for Revenue Generating roles. Can you guess what they are?

Why is remote work so rewarding?

Commute Crap

No Commute

Don't spend another minute commuting when you can have a rewarding career working from wherever you wish

Outout over Input

Results Matter

Get rewarded for your ideas, results, & the impact you make, not because of tenure or being a better office politician

YOUR time is valuable

Time is Finite

Whether you are salaried or hourly, most jobs measure you by the "time you put in". Remote teams focus on output, not input.